Web Design

Every day more and more people search the internet to find information
about companies and their services.
A web site permits your clients to find information about your
company and products, and makes interaction possible.

Mefta offers you a web design that is intuitive,
informative and efficient.

Home in Buenos Aires
alltime Customized Services
Ett annorlunda Spanien
Novum Diseño Nórdico
Bazar Navideño Escandinavo Fiesta Benéfica en Madrid
Centro Escandinavo, Madrid
TG Media

We are specialized in the design of fast loading,
easily navigated, cross-browser functional Web Sites,
without complicating things for a novice surfer. Anyone visiting
a web site should be able to explore the site without having to download
extensions and plug ins. We remove those barriers to communication and present your message in a clear and understandable manner

Clínica Pradillo
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Alforent SL
Ekemöbler AB
Some of our clients: Ekemöbler AB - TG Media - Clínica Pradillo - novum diseño nórdico - Alforent - Centro Escandinavo - Bazar Benéfico Escandinavo - Ett annorlunda Spanien - alltime Customised Services - Home in Buenos Aires